Data import wizard: example

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  1. Transpose 

  1. Replace values of Account Owner by IDs

  1. Copy ID from browser:

Michael: 0052p000009MXLK

Hidde-Jan: 0052p000009MXLF

  1. Prepare Excel: find and replace the current names with the user IDs

  1. Start the Data Import Wizard

  1. Select “Investor”

  1. Select the type of file (comma or tab separated). In this example, our CSV file was Tab separated.

  1. Map the fields accordingly

  1. Match Account Owner

  1. The matching looks good when there are no red fields anymore.

  1. We are about to import 6 fields.

  1. This Salesforce Classic screen gives you an overview of the results of the import. 

  1. To make sure the contacts that we connected to the accounts become the Main Contact, we need to update the newly added records again. Therefore, we first generate a report with accounts and their account IDs, with which we can later on match in the data import wizard.

  1. Add the field Account ID

  1. Export the report

  1. Work with the index match or Vlookup function to match the corresponding IDs to the accounts.

  1. Match account by Account ID

  1. Match contact by Contact Name

  1. Match the Excel columns to the Venturelytic field names and proceed. You now have successfully updated the fields of Main Contact and Current or Potential LP.

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