1. Main difference between Account and Investment Opportunities:


Investment Opportunities


Company information

Deal information


Objective company information 

Subjective deal-related information


Company performance



Debt & Alternative funding

Deal status

New business scoring

Communication during opportunity

  1. Where to find Account and Investment Opportunity?


Under the header Accounts in the navigation pane

Investment Opportunities:

Option 1: under the Related tab within Accounts

Option 2: under the header Investment Opportunities in the navigation pane

  1. Relationship between Account and Investment Opportunity

  • An Investment Opportunity is part of an Account. Each account (company) can have multiple investment opportunities. 

  • Within an Investment Opportunity, you can navigate to the account of which this opportunity is part.

  1. Where to store communication?

Notes, tasks and emails (deal information, related to the relationship between you as an investor and the company of interest) should be stored under Investment Opportunities.

When logging emails to Venturelytic, select Investment Opportunities: