Once you have created a new investment opportunity, account, or contact, you will have numerous additional functions that you are able to use. In the following subsections, we will use an investment opportunity record, but it’s important to note that the same options apply to an account or a contact record. 

Activity Tab

First, let’s have a look at the activity tab. An activity can be an event, a task, a call you've logged, or an email you've sent. You can relate an activity to other records, such as an accounts, a contact, or in this case, an investment opportunity. 

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Let’s say you want to write an email to someone that relates to a specific investment opportunity. 

  1. There are two options, 1) sending emails from your default email environment (Outlook, Gmail, other), or 2) directly from within Venturelytic. 

Our Venturelytic team will help you setup the first option during the implementation, and provides you with the specific documentation required to set these integrations up correctly. Instructions on the second option can be found below:

  1. On the Activity tab, click the Email tab. 

  2. Click in to Write an email… or on Compose

  3. The email that is connected to your profile will automatically be the sender.  

  4. Write your email, then click on Send

Log a Note 

During the time you work on an investment opportunity, there might be activities that you want to log to inform the team or to remind yourself of the steps you took earlier. Let’s say you want to add such a note to the investment opportunity. 

  1. On the Activity tab, click the Log a Note tab. 

  2. Enter the Subject of the note from the dropdown menu.

  3. Write your note.

  4. Add any contacts to the note.

  5. The notes are automatically related to the investment opportunity you’re working with. 

  6. Click on Save

New Task

Let’s say you want to add a task to the investment opportunity. 

  1. On the Activity tab, click the New Task tab. 

  2. Enter the Subject of the task from the dropdown menu.

  3. Next, indicate when the task should be fulfilled (Due Date).

  4. Indicate the current Status of the task.

  5. Click on Save.

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New Event

Finally, you also have the possibility to add an event related to the investment opportunity. An event is an activity that has a scheduled time. For example, a meeting, or a scheduled phone call.

  1. On the Activity tab, click the New Event tab. 

  2. Enter the Subject of the event from the dropdown menu.

  3. Next, indicate when the event starts and when it ends. 

  4. You can also add the location of the event. 

  5. Click on Save.

Filter Activities

Let’s say you do not want to see all the activities for a given investment opportunity. Instead, you only want to see the Events for a specific investment opportunity in the past 30 days.

  1. In the Activity tab, click on the filter list view filters icon.

  2. Fill in the appropriate Date Range and Activity Type.

  3. Click on Apply (if you quickly want to filter) or Apply and Save (if you want to filter to be saved). 

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Collaborate Tab 

Let’s say you want to write a post that is automatically linked to an investment opportunity. 

  1. On the Collaborate tab, click on Post.

  2. Click into the Share an update… field. 

  3. Click Share

All of your posts are also saved in the Chatter tab. 


  • To make your post easier to find later, add a topic to it. Topics are searchable terms that you add to a post using a hashtag (#).

  • To mention someone, enter the @ symbol and start entering their name. A list of suggested matches opens, and you choose a name from the list.

  • You can link to records in your posts using a similar mechanism. Instead of the @ symbol, enter a forward slash (/) and start typing the record name. A selection of matching records pops up.

Files Tab

Let’s say you want to share relevant documents with anyone that accesses the investment opportunity.

  1. If the file is on your computer, simply click on Upload Files or drag the file (or multiple files at once) onto the Files tab. Uploaded files are also automatically added to Venturelytic Files, so they’re accessible from anywhere in Venturelytic, not just the investment opportunity at hand.

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Follow an Investment Opportunity 

When you follow an investment opportunity, you are notified about activity on the record, provided feed-tracking is enabled on the record’s type.

  1. In the investment opportunities tab, click on Follow

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