New User Creation, Permissions and Licenses

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New users can start using Venturelytic by doing the following three steps:

  1. Create a Salesforce user

  2. Assign the correct permission sets

  3. Assign a Venturelytic license

1.1 Create a Salesforce user

1. Navigate to the Setup

  1. In the ‘Quick Find Box’ on the left type ‘Users’ and click on ‘Users’

  1. Click on ‘New User’

  1. Fill in the first and last name. Edit the alias if the suggested does not suit you.

  1. Enter the email address and the username which has to be in form of an email address 

  1. Choose the user license ‘Salesforce Platform’. If that option is not available that means you don’t have enough licences. Please contact Venturelytic support to acquire more licences.

  1. Choose your client specific profile

  1. Scroll down to ‘Locale Settings’ and edit them if necessary

  1. Before saving, decide if an email shall be sent out to the new user. Otherwise unselect the checkbox.

  1. Click ‘Save’

1.2 Assign Permission Sets:

  1. In the ‘Quick Find Box’ type ‘Permission Sets’, click on ‘Permission Sets’

  1. Click on the permission set, to which you want to add a user. You can choose these options:

    1. Venturelytic Fund Manager: Read/write access to Fund Management and read-only access to Investment Opportunities and Investment Monitorings

    2. Deal Flow Manager: Read/Write access to Investment Opportunities

    3. Portfolio (Monitoring) Management: Read/write access to Investment Monitorings

  1. For each role each client might have an additional permission set to give extra to the customizations made for that area.

    1. ‘Client Name’ Fund Manager

    2. ‘Client Name’ Deal Flow

    3. ‘Client Name’ Portfolio Management

  1. Click on Manage Assignments’

  1. On this page you will see already assigned users

  2. Click on ‘Add Assignment’

  1. Select one or more users and click ‘Next’

  1. Here you can choose an expiration date if that is applicable. Then click ‘Assign’

  1. Now just click ‘Done’

1.3 Adding the Venturelytic License

  1. In the ‘Quick Find Box’ type ‘Installed Packages’

  1. Click on Installed Packages

  1. In front of Venturelytic click on ‘Manage Licence’

  1. Click on ‘Add User’

  1. In the next window select the available users and click on add users

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