The administrator

The Salesforce administrator—or “admin” is a Salesforce user with system administration duties and other super powers. Admins are responsible for setting up Salesforce for their organisations and making sure it runs smoothly.

Admins have special permissions. For example, they can add user accounts and specify what people can see and do in Salesforce. For more information, take a look at:

The Super User

Venturelytic works closely with its client’s admins. In larger teams, it might be helpful to have more than one user with super powers. Therefore, Venturelytic created Super Users, or, as Salesforce calls them, delegated admins

These delegated admins have a set of additional rights compared to regular users, such as: 

  • Create and edit users 

  • Change organisation-wide list views

  • Manage and customise custom objects 

Assigning a Super User

The admin can create a Super User by following these steps: 

  1. Navigate to Users in the Setup

  2. Click on the particular user that you want to make a Super User

  3. Hoover over the “Permission Set Assignments” button on the top left of the user profile, and click on “Edit Assignment”

  1. Select the “Delegated Admin” permission set and add that to the Enabled Permission Sets. Click Save.

  1. Use the search pane on your left to navigate to the “Delegated Administration” title. 


  1. Add the particular user to the list of Delegated Administrators. 

  1. Now, you’re finished. The assigned users are now Super Users.

Each of the following chapters starts with the user profile that is able to make changes to that particular part of Venturelytic. 

  1. Admin Admin Settings Female Icon

  2. Super User (delegated admin) Super - Free people icons