As an admin of Venturelytic, it is important to understand the basics of the Salesforce platform. There are a few terms that are used throughout this guide that you should know about. Salesforce illustrates this with an own example used at Trailhead:

Let’s take a look at a page from the DreamHouse app to define some of its important elements and how they relate to the database.

A labeled property record.

  1. An app in Salesforce is a set of objects, fields, and other functionality that supports a business process. You can see which app you’re using and switch between apps using the App Launcher 

            (App Launcher icon).

  1. Objects are tables in the Salesforce database that store a particular kind of information. There are standard objects like Accounts and Contacts and custom objects like the Property object you see in the graphic.

  2. Records are rows in object database tables. Records are the actual data associated with an object. Here, the 211 Charles Street property is a record.

  3. Fields are columns in object database tables. Both standard and custom objects have fields. On our Property object, we have fields like Address and Price.

Another important term that’s hard to capture in a picture is org. Org is short for organisation, and it refers to a specific instance of Salesforce. The image here is taken from DreamHouse’s org. Your company can have one or multiple orgs.

This specific Trailhead can be found at: