Personalise Navigation 

Let’s look at the different ways you can edit the navigation bar.

  • You can drag items on the navigation bar to change their order.

  • You can add more items (1) to the navigation bar by clicking on . The following pop out window will be shown. 

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  • You can also create a new tab in the navigation bar for any given page like a list view or dashboard (e.g., Contacts list view in the picture below). 

    1. On the Contacts dropdown menu (1), you can choose to open the list view in a new separate temporary tab (2).

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  1. If you want to ‘permanently’ add a tab, simply click on the dropdown menu of the new tab and select “Add to Nav Bar”. 


In this example we chose to open the “All Contacts” list view in a new tab, but the option is not limited to Contacts. Every list view, report, dashboard, or record page (whether related to accounts, investment opportunities or other objects) can be opened in a separate temporary tab using the same approach.